Video game
Developer(s) community
Release date(s) April 15, 2006
Version V0.5 (August 05, 2006)
Modes(s) Engagement mode
Requirements Act of War: High Treason Mod, originally called BuckyBoys Mod, is a mod for Act of War: High Treason created by the community. It tweaks and adds new elements to the gameplay, new gamemodes, and new units. It also features an improved AI and Salsifi's AI Special Force Mod.


  • Instant Action Mode: Play with a prebuild base and army.
  • Play against "BuckyBoy AI" (Consortium only for now).
  • Play with Jefferson, Oz, Terrorists, Terrorist van and Scud launcher.
  • Options Menu (Ctrl-O): Set Zoom Factor, Widescreen Resolution, Hide Interface. Take Fullscreen screenshot (Ctrl-S).

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