Rescue of Senator Watts


Skirmish on the Kiefer Tower

Assault on JFK International Airport
Part of The Day of the Consortium

T -3 days, 2009


John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York City, USA

  • President Baldwin assassinated
  • Vice President Cardiff successfully protected
  • JFK International Airport retaken
AoW Logo TFT Task Force Talon AoW Logo CST Consortium terrorists
AoW Logo TFT Jason Richter
AoW Logo TFT Oz Jackson
AoW Logo TFT Beta team (Snipers)
AoW Logo USA SWAT teams
AoW Logo CST Numerous terrorist Uzis
AoW Logo CST Several bomb trucks
Casualties and losses
Light Total

The Assault on JFK International Airport was an event that occurred at the beginning of The Day of the Consortium. It involved Task Force Talon rescuing then Vice President Cardiff from a large scale terrorist attack and allowing his plane to takeoff to a safer place.


After the rescue of Senator James Watts, Major Richter was alerted to the attack on JFK airport, he responded by airlifting a team of snipers callsign "beta team" with their commanding officer Sergeant Oz Jackson to the airport to retake it and secure Cardiff.


Alright ladies, we got an airport to take back. Go go go!
- Oz Jackson
 Jackson and beta team land near the terminal far away from the plane, as they begin to move they encounter a group of airport workers huddling by a fire. It turns out to be an ambush by disguised terrorists and part of beta team is cut down before the terrorists are killed.

The rest of the team move along cautiously, they find a group of SWAT men pinned and surounded by the terrorists, beta team assists in removing the terrorists and links up with the SWAT team, who inform them of other teams in the vicinity. As they begin to move towards Cardiff's plane, a bomb truck drives into another plane and explodes, dousing the runway with flaming jet fuel and preventing them from crossing.

The team is forced to take the long way around across the roof of a building, the remaining beta team snipers crawl to the top and eliminate isolated groups of terrorists surrounding them.

Getting to the planeEdit

As they are on the roof, Richter suddenly gets a call from General Kelly, who informs him of grave news: President Baldwin has been assassinated by a bomb placed in his limo.

Richter passes the news to Oz, adding that that means Cardiff is now the sitting President, Oz replies in the affirmative and continues with the operation.

They find a second SWAT team guarding another plane with VIPs in them, the surrounding terrorists are quickly taken out and the VIPs evacuated away from the area, the combined force of SWAT and snipers now proceed on to Cardiff's plane.

Defending the planeEdit

The force finds the area littered with dead bodies of terrorists and SWAT members, a few surviving members are barely holding the line, and a larger terrorist force is on its way to Cardiff's plane.

Firstly, they link up with reinforcements courtesy of another SWAT team arriving on the scene with armored vans with machine guns, the remaining beta team snipers garrison the plane itself to fire from the windows while the SWAT members use the vans for cover.

The terrorists assault en masse with several terrorist vans in tow, the SWAT members hold the line on the ground while snipers fire from the planes, each subsequent wave is cut down with few losses. Eventually, the assault ends with most or all of the terrorists dead, and the airport as well as the VP are now secured.


With the Vice-President secured, the line of succession for the Whitehouse was secured in the wake of the assassination of President Baldwin. Once the Vice-President had been secured, Richter was able to turn his attention to the situation with Senator Watts and the CIA team that escorted him away from the building where he was held hostage.

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