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"Duck for cover!"
Tonight we're a nation called to defend freedom. The enemy cannot hide. Together we will let the terrorists know that they will never win.
- Baldwin, after the San Francisco attack

Baldwin was the President of the United States during the Oil Crisis. He was later killed during the early days of the High Treason Incident.

Oil Crisis Edit

During the Oil Crisis, Baldwin activated Task Force Talon response to the terrorist attack at Houston, to protect World Energy Forum from any terrorist attack.

After Battle of San Francisco, Baldwin initiates Operation Hedgehog to protect United States from further terrorist attacks, but it resulted TransGlobal Energy complex at Egypt in danger.

High Treason Incident Edit

It was a bloodbath.
- General Kelly, after the President's Assassination
On the eve of the presidential election, his VP, Cardiff and Senator Watts are attacked by Terrorists and while Sergeant Oz Jackson was fighting to save Cardiff at the Airport, President Baldwin and his motorcade was driving out of the White House. Soon the vehicles, including the President's Limo, exploded, resulting in the deaths of the president and several others. General Kelly assumed that the explosives were planted before the vehicles left the garage.

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