Enter cheat codes at the "secured line" box (key [ENTER]). Most of the cheats summon the item at the current screen:

  • fortknox: Add $1000
  • yeepeekaye: launch superweapon attack at current screen
  • keyholemaster: Reveal map
  • duckhunt Summon: a flying duck
  • bringoutthedead: Summon Ambulance
  • blackhawkdown: Summon SA-12 SAM
  • coolihaveanewcar: Summon CIA armored van
  • motherrussia: Summon T-80 tank at current screen
  • swatatyourorders: Summon SWAT
  • greenjelly: Summon British policeman
  • ymca: Summon US policeman
  • coolimthepresident: Summon US president
  • ineedalltechnos: unlock all the buildings

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