Oil derrick
DA Ingame Derrick
U.S. Army oil derrick

AoW Logo TFT Task Force Talon
AoW Logo USA U.S. Army
AoW Logo CST Consortium


Resource point

Hit points


Armor type



$950 (TFT)

Build time

10 seconds

Produced by

DA Portrait DroneConstructor Drone constructor
DA Portrait Excavator Excavator
DA Portrait Mi-17 Mi-17 Hip


Oil vein nano-saturation (High Treason only)
DA Portrait Derrick USA Forage Deep forage derrick technology
DA Portrait Derrick CST Self-Destruct Oil derrick self-destruction

DA Portrait Derrick

The Oil derrick serves as the resource point for the Act of War series. They are built over oil deposits where oil can be collected by tankers, this oil is them transported to a refinery where it is turned into money. Each of the factions has its own unique upgrade for the Derrick.


HT Portrait Derrick TFT Nano-Saturation Oil vein nano-saturation
Once upgraded, if an enemy destroys and then builds his own derrick, the area can be detonated to do damage to all surrounding units and structures, must be individually upgraded. Task Force Talon and High Treason only.
DA Portrait Derrick USA Forage Deep forage technology
The maximum oil capacity of the derrick is increased by 20%, must be individually upgraded. U.S. Army only.
DA Portrait Derrick CST Self-Destruct Oil derrick self-destruction
Once upgraded, Derrick can be destroyed to deny its use to everyone else for several minutes. Consortium only.

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