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Lockheed Martin F-35
Joint Strike Fighter
FA-35 ingame

Icon TFT Task Force Talon


Air support



Produced by

Aircraft Control Tower

Hot key



DA Portrait FA-35 BLU-144 BLU-144 Blackout bomb ($3500)

Bombing sequence initiated.
- F-35 JSF
DA Portrait FA-35

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter was a multirole fighter, in use by the Task Force Talon, designed for air superiority and laser-guided bombing runs.


Though not as good as the F-15 for air superiority, the F-35 is still a potent warplane with its four GPS-guided bombs, which can also be upgraded to blackout bombs that disable enemy structures. However, its lack of stealth makes it vulnerable to enemy air defenses.

While originally the plane was armed with a limited number of anti-air missiles, in High Treason this was removed, and it will engage enemy aircraft one at a time if they stray into firing range. Its bomb ammunition is still limited, however.

The seaborne version of the aircraft, which is only available from the San Antonio class, can be differentiated by its paint job. The naval version performs virtually like a helicopter, in that it doesn't enter and exit the map like the regular airstrike version and can be controlled by the player. It will fly tight circles around a designated area, or land on its mothership to rearm. The naval version has unlimited anti-air and anti-tank missiles, as well as a single Harpoon missile for engaging enemy ships. It is slightly cheaper than the regular plane.


DA Portrait FA-35 BLU-144 BLU-144 Blackout bomb Costs $3500. FA-35s fire two blackout bombs on enemy structures. Effective vs structures only; buildings will be disabled while blackout is in effect.



  • In-game, the aircraft is erroneously named as the FA-35.

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