Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG-7)
HT Ingame FFG-7

AoW Logo USA U.S. Army


Anti-ship and attack missile frigate

  • 1 x 76mm Deck gun
  • 1 x Harpoon launcher


Produced by

HT Portrait Shipyard Shipyard


HT Portrait Seahawk SH-60B Seahawk

  • Indirect fire
  • Detect stealth units
HT Portrait FFG-7

The Oliver Hazard Perry class is a class of frigates, used by the U.S. Army, named after the American Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. The Oliver Hazard Perry costs $4000 and is deployed at the Shipyard.[1]

It is capable of deploying an ASW helicopter in the form of the SH-60B Seahawk, if need be, the frigate can perform its own ASW operations with its own torpedoes.


HT Portrait Seahawk SH-60B Seahawk
Costs $1000. Anti-submarine helicopter.


HT Portrait RecallAircraft Ship Recall all aircraft
The EC 725 Cougar will immediately return to the corvette. Ability cannot be preformed if the EC 725 Cougar is already landed on the corvette.
HT Portrait NavalRadar Turn on naval radar
Considerably extend the ship's visual range. Reveals the ship's position to the enemy.
DA Portrait AttackArea Attack area
Selected unit(s) will lay down a continuous barrage of fire at the target location designated.
HT Portrait RepairMode Repair mode
Orders the ship to repair itself. While repairing, the ship cannot attack or defend itself. Ability can only be preformed if the ship has taken damage.



  1. Eugen Systems, Atari, Act of War: High Treason. March 24, 2006

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