HMRH-82 Angel
DA Ingame HMRH-82

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Heavy maintenance and repair helicopter



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DA Portrait RepairDepot Repair depot


DA Portrait AdvancedLogisticsSupport Advanced logistic support

DA Portrait HMRH-82

The HMRH-82 Angel is the repair helicopter of the U.S. Army. In Direct Action, there could only be one Angel per repair depot, and the Angel served a similar purpose to the Medevac Blackhawk by evacuating heavily damaged vehicles to its repair depot.[1]

This was changed in High Treason due to the change in repair mechanics so that Angels could be trained like any other unit. They will now land and deploy a repair "aura", restoring health points to all nearby vehicles for several seconds. The repair function needs to be recharged after use.[2]



  • The HMRH-82 Angel bears a strong resemblance to and most likely inspired by the real world Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe.
  • In fact, during the beta of Act of War: Direct Action, the Angel helicopter in-game was named as the "Sikorsky".


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