Senator James Watts was kidnapped at the start of the events of The Day of the Consortium, after being rescued by Task Force Talon, he is taken away by a CIA operative named Roe, although they are closely tailed by Jefferson and TFT.

He is presumed dead when after his helicopter lands on a building, the top of the building explodes, although Jefferson and his team got out thanks to a timely warning by General Kelly.

He is found by TFT to actually still be alive in the Hacienda of Dr. Morales. He and TFT then go to the Bahamas, where he makes an announcement discrediting President Cardiff as a traitor. After this, he is escorted by TFT out of the Bahamas so he can testify before Congress.

Later, after the Consortium's defeat, he is heard to be running as a candidate for the election, and is stated to be virtually unopposed.

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