M2A3 Bradley IFV
DA Ingame Bradley

AoW Logo USA U.S. Army


Infantry fighting vehicle/Medium Tank and troop transport


25mm M242 Bushmaster chain gun

  • w/ High-explosive ammo
  • w/ Armor piercing ammo

Medium reactive armor

Hit points


Armor type

Armored vehicle

Transport slots

4 infantry units



Build time

18 seconds

Produced by

DA Portrait LightArmorDepot Light armor depot

Hot key


Squad size




Splash damage


Firing rate

3 seconds



Attack range


Sight range



HT Portrait Bradley TOW TOW missile launcher


DA Portrait LoadUnit Load
DA Portrait UnloadUnits Unload all units
HT Portrait Bradley TOW Mode Switch to TOW missile

Boots are on the ground.
- M2A3 Bradley
DA Portrait Bradley

The M2A3 Bradley IFV is an American infantry fighting vehicle in service during the Oil Crisis and the Day of the Consortium.[2]


The M2A3 Bradley is the perfect fighting vehicle for hit-and-run attacks on weak enemy positions.

Featuring medium armor, a 25mm Bushmaster cannon, and healthy speed, the Bradley always moves better in groups of three or four. It's also useful for transporting infantry behind enemy lines.

While its gun is not as strong as that of its counterparts, it makes up for a quick rate of fire between reloads. Also, it has a tendency to wound infantry, leaving them vulnerable to capture.

In High Treason, the Bradley can be upgraded to be able to switch between their Bushmaster cannon and TOW guided anti-tank missiles, making them more effective at fighting enemy armor.


Reporting for duty!
- M2A3 Bradley

Introduced in 2000, the A3 upgrades make the Bradley IFV totally digital and upgrade or improve existing electronics systems throughout improving target acquisition and fire control, navigation, and situational awareness. Also, the survivability of the vehicle is upgraded with a series of armor improvements, again both passive and reactive, as well as improved fire-suppression systems and NBC equipment.

The A3 Bradley incorporates the Improved Bradley Acquisition Subsystem (IBAS) and the Commander’s Independent Viewer (CIV). Both include a second-generation FLIR and an electro-optical/TV imaging system, and the IBAS also has direct-view optics (DVO) and the eye-safe laser rangefinder (ELRF). The CIV allows the commander to scan for targets and maintain situational awareness while remaining under armor and without interfering with the gunner’s acquisition and engagement of targets.


DA Portrait LoadUnit Load
An infantry unit that is selected will load into the M2 Bradley. Ability cannot be preformed if all the Bradley's transport slots are full.
DA Portrait UnloadUnits Unload all units
By instead pressing the V key and designating a location on the map, the M2 Bradley will first move to that indicated location and unload there. Ability cannot be preformed if all the Bradley's transport slots are empty.
HT Portrait Bradley TOW Mode Switch to TOW missile
Switches the Bradley's weapons to the TOW missile launcher, making it very effective against vehicles. Requires TOW missile launcher upgrade. High Treason only.[1]


HT Portrait Bradley TOW TOW missile launcher
Costs $2500. Upgrades Bradley with a TOW missile launcher. Bradley will be able to toggle from Bushmaster gun mode to TOW missile launcher mode. High Treason only.[1]


- Selected
Reporting for duty!
- Selected
On our way.
- Moving
All looks forward!
- Moving
Heading your coordinates, sir!
- Moving
Moving to new location
- Moving
Acquiring target!
- Attacking
Hostiles engaging!
- Attacking
Boots are on the ground.
- Deploying infantry
They're pounding us down here!
- Heavily Damaged



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