Mercenary helicopter
HT Ingame Merc Helicopter

AoW Merc Logo Mercenaries


Reconnaissance helicopter

HT Portrait Merc Helicopter

The mercenary helicopter surveys the location of the deployment of mercenary ground units.[1]


Mercenaries can be deployed anywhere on the map. However, the further away the drop zone is from the mercenary command post, the longer it will take for the helicopter to complete its survey, meaning greater risk for it to be destroyed. Additionally, the upkeep fee will continue to roll while the recon helicopter is scouting, even before the mercenaries themselves arrive to the battlefield. Thus, in many cases it is safer and more cost efficient to deploy mercenaries close to the mercenary command post and have them reach their destination on foot.


  1. Eugen Systems, Atari, Act of War: High Treason. March 24, 2006

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