Resources Browser
HT Menu Resources Browser
Video game
Developer(s) Eugen Systems
Release date(s) February 28, 2006
Requirements Act of War: High Treason

The Resources Browser is a sample mod that allows TGA, WMV, WAV, JPEG and OGG files used in Act of War: High Treason to be browsable.


To install the Resources Browser:

  1. Open the Mod Manager
  2. Select MOD Production
  3. Enter in the textbox in the Name frame ResourceBrowser
  4. Select Create empty MOD, once completed then exit the program
  5. Go to <GameDirectory>\SDK\samples*
  6. Copy the file and paste it in <GameDirectory>*
  7. Extract the zip file
  8. Reopen the Mod Manager
  9. Select Test MOD in normal mode

* <GameDirectory> is the location of the game directory. In Steam distributed versions, the game directory is located at Steam\SteamApps\common\Act of War High Treason

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