XM-25 Sniper
DA Ingame Sniper

AoW Logo USA U.S. Army


Sniper infantry unit


XM-25 rifle, 7.62x51mm NATO, scoped


Minimum body protection



Produced by

DA Portrait Barracks USA Barracks


DA Portrait AlertStatus DEFCON2 Alert Status DEFCON 2


This unit can snipe, ambush, crawl, capture and occupy buildings.

Adjusting for wind.
- Sniper
DA Portrait Sniper

The sniper is the ultimate sharpshooter of the US Army. A good sniper can kill most human targets with a single bullet. He is perfect for scouting, capturing enemies, and performing stealthy missions.[1]


Give me a good target.
- Selected
Sniper here.
- Selected
Yes sir.
- Selected
Scope cleaned.
- Selected
Adjusting for wind.
- Selected
Slipping into position
- Moving
I am taking my shot!
- Attacking



Scope cleaned.
- Sniper
  • In a face-off with a TFT Heavy Sniper, the US Sniper will always shoot and kill the Heavy Sniper first, assuming that both units are of the same rank, and attack each other at the same time.
  • The sniper can be commanded to crawl and maintain stealth, and scout for enemies using his long visual range.
  • The sniper is best used against garrisoned infantry in buildings, as he can clear the occupants without fear of retaliation due to the rifle's long range.
  • The sniper's weapon, the XM-25 rifle, is a modified M21 used by special forces.


  1. Eugen Systems, Atari, Act of War: Direct Action. March 15, 2005.

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