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Multirole unmanned ground combat vehicle

  • 105mm anti-tank railgun (anti-tank mode)
  • Dual missile launchers (anti-aircraft mode)
  • Bomb drone

Medium depleted uranium armor



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DA Portrait Spinner Central Spinner central command

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DA Portrait Spinner CounterArtilleryRadar Counter-artillery radar
DA Portrait Spinner StealthDrone Stealth drone capacity


DA Portrait BombDrone Bomb drone

DA Portrait SpinnerUGCV

The Spinner UGCV is a multi-role unmanned ground vehicle in use by the Task Force Talon. It has three different modes of attack.


Expensive and requiring its own specialized structure to build and control, the Spinner UGCV is nevertheless a highly versatile vehicle that is able to switch between its three attack modes while in battle. It will, however, be briefly vulnerable while switching modes, unable to move or attack as it switches its gun.

The standard mode is an 105 mm anti-tank railgun highly effective against vehicles and structures. This gun is not as powerful as the Consortium Akula's railguns or the US Army Abrams' main gun, but it fires faster to make up for this. It is not very effective against infantry and cannot target aircraft.

The second mode is a set of powerful dual anti-air missile launchers that can down most aircraft in a single salvo. These missiles have a very long range, but are not capable of targeting ground units, rendering the Spinner very vulnerable to ground units in this mode.

The third mode allows for the launching of a remotely operated bomb drone that can be upgraded with stealth capabilities. The bomb drone is equipped with powerful explosives with a substantial blast radius. It will approach as close as possible to the target before exploding, destroying itself, and is especially effective against structures and groups of units. The bomb drone will also detonate if it takes too much damage. The bomb drone is automatically replaced at no cost by the Spinner UGCV after a brief moment. Only one bomb drone can be deployed from a Spinner UGCV at any time. The drone can also run over and kill infantry without detonating itself.

Generally, Spinners work best in a group with mixed modes. Regardless of their mode, the Spinner's armor is between that of the Akula and Abrams.


DA Portrait Spinner CounterArtilleryRadar Spinner counter-artillery radar
Enables the Spinner to detect any enemy artillery unit firing on it. Direct Action only.
DA Portrait Spinner StealthDrone Spinner stealth drone capacity
Bomb drones launched by Spinners now have stealth capability


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