The Oil Crisis

The Day of the Consortium
HT Cutscene X-357
X-357 virus




  • Fort McCoy, Wisconsin
  • Yucatan Peninsula
  • Cuba
  • Bahamas Islands
  • Cape Canaveral shuttle launch site
  • Taklamakan Desert

TFT victory

  • Total destruction of all known Consortium assets
AoW Logo TFT Task Force Talon AoW Logo CST Consortium
Uncover the Consortium plot
Destroy the X-357 virus
Prepare and unleash the X-357 virus
Eliminate the Task Force Talon
AoW Logo TFT Morrison Kelly
AoW Logo TFT Ariadna Vega
AoW Logo TFT Jason Richter
AoW Logo TFT Ray Jefferson
AoW Logo TFT Oz Jackson
AoW Logo USA James Watts
AoW Logo USA Burns
AoW Logo CST Josh Cardiff
AoW Logo CST Morelos
AoW Logo USA Whitemore
AoW Logo TFT Full TFT arsenal
AoW Logo USA Full US military arsenal
AoW Merc Logo Mercenary support
AoW Logo CST Full Consortium arsenal
AoW Logo USA Renegade US military assets
AoW Merc Logo Mercenary support
Casualties and losses
Very heavy Near total annihilation
AoW Avatar 04
"Duck for cover!"

The Day of the Consortium was a confrontation between the Task Force Talon fighting against the re-emerged Consortium. It takes place over the course of three days, three years after the Oil Crisis.

Major engagementsEdit

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